Step Up To The Challenge for Mental Health

Step Up To The Challenge for Mental Health!!


The Warrior Tribe at Free Spirit Studio are taking on 12 hours of continuous Cliff Lift Step Climbing to raise money & awareness for the charity ‘Mind’ & the importance of Mental Health for overall wellbeing. .

We are taking sponsorship/donations for a team collective time of 12 hours of climbing Southend Cliff Lift Steps from 7am-7pm on 28th September.

Anyone can join our Tribe and take part by emailing We warmly welcome as many warriors as possible!!

Warriors taking part have a minimum step up time of 30mins onwards so that the climb is a fair challenge & have allocated start times to ensure at least 1 person from the Tribe is on the step climb at all times throughout the 12 hours. (We’ve already got lots of start time slots covered but would love as many warriors to join the tribe & have as many of us stepping up together as possible). Invite your friends, family, partners, colleagues to take part with you!

For Tribesters taking part: 

Go as fast or as slow as you like, do as many or as little as is your best in your time frame, walk with a friend, climb solo, lunge your way to the top and back, make the challenge your own accomplishment… all we wish for is a team who shows unity & who does not give up or give in to the negative noise of the Mind & instead fights to connect with the fire of their own Personal Power.

We are tackling this challenge as a Strong Team, creating Strong Minds and Strong Bodies. We support each other with encouragement, patience & positive mental attitudes. 

We may make the steps as individuals but we take on the challenge as as one collective, one step at a time!

Anyone wishing to show support without taking on the physical challenge are warmly welcomed to sponsor/donate/come cheer us on/provide us with motivation music. We are super grateful for every ounce of encouragement!

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So are you Stepping Up To The Challenge?

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