Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression Workshop with Kirsty McArdle

You’ll experience a past life with an aim to understand and heal a part of your current life

What will you experience?
• You will have a deeper understanding of yourself
• You may see coincidences of places or things that you love and didn’t know why
• You may realise parallels in this life, know where a ‘bleed through’ comes from or understand where more healing work is needed.
• You may have a ‘Eureka’ moment, a deeper understanding in some area of your life
• You may even recognise characters from the past life who are people in this life
• There is always healing, this can be incredibly deep and transformational
• You will also meet your Spirit Guide, maybe your shamanic spirit animal, even your guardian angel or loved ones who have passed over.

For all levels
You may be experienced in Past Life Regressions or completely new and curious.
The experience will be unique to you and you will learn things about your current life
For over 18s only

During the workshop we go through the stages of the regression in detail and any answer questions you may have.
You will understand how important intentions are and how powerful the mind is.
You’ll learn more about how past life regression works as a therapy and hear a number of examples of experiences.
Everyone will have an opportunity to express themselves and tell of their experiences to the group after the regression (if you want to) and have some feedback to help you (if you want it or need it)

What to bring with you…
We provide Yoga mats.
Please bring the following for your comfort:
• something for your eyes to block the light – a eye mask or just a scarf to wrap over your eyes

And an open heart and mind – it’s exciting!

The Small Print

Whilst a group workshop isn’t as highly detailed and personally therapeutic as a one2one session, the experiences nevertheless can be profound.
In a group situation it’s unlikely that much personal attention will be able to be given. BUT you will always be kept safe, comfortable and will be guided at all times.

Kirsty McArdle is qualified Hypnotherapist and Healer in a number of modalities; and qualified to do Past Life Regression Therapy and associated Body Therapy. She’s fully insured and a full member of “Independent Professional Therapists International” and a First Aider.

.* This depends on your ability to relax, but not on your own – you’ll be guided.