Men’s Only Yoga

Gone are the days of yoga classes being for the unfit, the lazy, and the ladies only!! 

Guys it’s time you stood your ground & joined us on the mat to build strength, stamina, flexibility & an improved sense of overall wellbeing. 

In this Men’s only class you can experience the basics of yoga in a non judgemental, small group, working through the following. 

•lengthening tight muscles

•opening stiff joints

•easing tension

•learning strengthening postures 

•increasing cardiac output 

•increasing internal energy

•option to challenge strength/balance/focus

•enjoying a 15 minute mind calming meditation to aid relaxation & a fabulous night’s sleep. 

Booking is essential for this event as spaces are limited. 

To reserve your space simply book using the link below… unless you’re not brave enough to take on flex. 

Book space here