Chakra Yoga

(Mantras, Music & Movement to Set the Spirit Free)

Explore, Expand, Release & Find Freedom as we journey through the chakras, awakening & harmonising each energy centre through Vibration of Sound, Movement & Intention. 


This is an expression of the ultimate freedom!


❤️Claiming our firm stance on the earth

🧡Letting go of insecurities/embracing freedom 

💛Igniting our inner fire 

💚Releasing fear & built up barriers 

💙Listening to our own truths 

💜Connecting with our personal inner stillness 

🕉Setting our Spirits Free 

We will use Chanting, Mantras, Music & Movement to awaken, stimulate, balance & harmonise our entire subtle body system. We will then bathe in the bliss of peace, stillness & freedom we’ve created for ourselves- watching as infinite observers of our inner experiences.


Chakra Yoga is totally accessible to all Yogis of all styles of practice. Although we have movement we will not be practicing held alignment based postures. We will be encouraging the body to allow free movement, inviting somatic releasing of tensions, trauma and built up blockages held deep within the subconscious levels of our selves. 

Maximum of 10 attendees per session.