Beginner’s Yoga

Don’t be afraid to try – Nothing changes if everything stays the same. 


The next Beginners Yoga 4 week progressive course starts May!


🍃want to release tension and become more supple?
🍃want to give yourself time to unwind and reenergise?
🍃want to gain more physical strength without strain?
🍃want to experience the ongoing list of benefits from yoga?
🍃don’t know your downward dog from your pigeon?
🍃want to try yoga but are unsure about joining an already established class?
🍃want to learn a practice to build upon in your own time, in your own space?

🍃would you simply like to give your body and mind an overhaul?


creating space, releasing tension physically/ mentally/ emotionally/ energetically and
establishing a general sense of wellbeing, through progressive instruction, while understanding how and why certain movements affect our body and mind.

Each week develop through:
•seated postures
•standing postures
•flowing sequences
•breathing practices

No need for previous yoga experience, hyper mobile joints, overly supple or long muscles, or even a love for soft fluffy music & incense.

Simply learn how to stretch your body, release tension, create space physically and mentally bringing a sense of overall wellbeing.

To join the class just use the timetable booking page. 

Bring a friend or make new ones in a non judgemental, welcoming environment.

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