NEXT DATE:  14th JANUARY-  Back by popular demand is our Deep Detox Day •Sweat out toxins with a fat burning, calorie torching workout •Release tension and ring out deeper toxins held within our joints and cells with specific yoga postures and flowing sequences •Let go of negative emotions and unhelpful thinking patterns through deep healing meditation •Refuel with a cleaning Detox juice made of natural organic ingredients and essential oils Booking for this event Read more

    DATE: 25th NOVEMBER- Join us for this one off workshop and Group Hypnosis Session with Motivational Mind Master, Natalie Cohen. This workshop is not a group discussion session which means you do NOT have to talk to anyone and you don’t even have to sit up with your eyes open if you wish. You simply listen and relax as Natalie first *explains what anxiety is, *talks through the different reasons we become anxious Read more

Join us for an interactive, fun, educational, Fat Loss and Nutrition seminar hosted by Dan Osman, Ace Performance. Dan will be expanding our knowledge on: •healthy eating •eating behaviours •portion judgements •calorie choices •why we simply can’t lose fat when we think we eat well •how to live a healthy lifestyle and still enjoy dining out •how to create a calorie deficit without restricting certain food groups • and much more. Dan is a specialist Read more

Step Up To The Challenge for Mental Health!! 🌟ITS HAPPENING!! 🌟 The Warrior Tribe at Free Spirit Studio are taking on 12 hours of continuous Cliff Lift Step Climbing to raise money & awareness for the charity ‘Mind’ & the importance of Mental Health for overall wellbeing. . We are taking sponsorship/donations for a team collective time of 12 hours of climbing Southend Cliff Lift Steps from 7am-7pm on 28th September. Anyone can join our Read more

Burn To The Beat HIIT Endurance training to epic music encouraging empowerment and an endorphin HIIT high! We’re all about personal power! Finding our strength, embracing our inner warrior & transforming negativity into positivity. Our ultimate warrior builder session is back on the weekly timetable for our run up to summer body confidence! Burn To The Beat is our high energy, endorphin releasing, super fat burning, full body toning, sweat fest! Just 45 minutes of Read more

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