Our Beginners Bootcamp with Hannah starts next Sunday (15th Feb!!) Fitness Training you can rely on to help your personal progression of weight loss, stamina, strength, mindset & confidence. Continue 2020 with a strong goal, a plan and a realistic route to achieve your success- Join Hannah for progressive training sessions to build stamina, endurance, strength, overall fitness, confidence and self motivation, while learning the importance of training technique and body form. Starting or continuing Read more

Join us for an experience of inner awareness, liberation and blissful stillness. As we journey through the Chakra system using sound, vibration & energetic awareness. Whats involved: Guided Meditation using sound vibration & Bihar Mantras to awaken, stimulate, balance & harmonise each chakra. Followed by stillness & personal exploration of inward journeying. These Sound Journeying Meditation Sessions are deeply cleansing energetically, emotionally and mentally. Giving the body a well deserved rest, providing quiet to mind Read more

Past Life Regression Workshop with Kirsty McArdle You’ll experience a past life with an aim to understand and heal a part of your current life What will you experience? • You will have a deeper understanding of yourself • You may see coincidences of places or things that you love and didn’t know why • You may realise parallels in this life, know where a ‘bleed through’ comes from or understand where more healing work Read more

Our next intake of Beginners Yoga starts March 2020! Don’t be afraid to try – Nothing changes if everything stays the same 🍃want to release tension and become more supple? 🍃want to give yourself time to unwind and reenergise? 🍃want to gain more physical strength without strain? 🍃want to experience the ongoing list of benefits from yoga? 🍃don’t know your downward dog from your pigeon? 🍃want to try yoga but are unsure about joining an Read more

With Private sessions at Free Spirit Studio we cultivate your personal yoga development working through postures that help YOU to improve your individual wellbeing.  Our PYP sessions are available as 1-2-1 or partner sessions. Bring your other half, your friend, your colleague, your family (or someone hanging around outside). Split the session cost in half and receive personalised assistance, guidance & progression.  Sessions available Mon-Friday by direct appointment. For all Private sessions (Personal Yoga Practice Read more

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