Our next intake of Beginners Yoga starts September!  Don’t be afraid to try – Nothing changes if everything stays the same 🍃want to release tension and become more supple? 🍃want to give yourself time to unwind and reenergise? 🍃want to gain more physical strength without strain? 🍃want to experience the ongoing list of benefits from yoga? 🍃don’t know your downward dog from your pigeon? 🍃want to try yoga but are unsure about joining an already Read more

Step Up To The Challenge for Mental Health!! 🌟ITS HAPPENING!! 🌟 The Warrior Tribe at Free Spirit Studio are taking on 12 hours of continuous Cliff Lift Step Climbing to raise money & awareness for the charity ‘Mind’ & the importance of Mental Health for overall wellbeing. . We are taking sponsorship/donations for a team collective time of 12 hours of climbing Southend Cliff Lift Steps from 7am-7pm on 28th September. Anyone can join our Read more

Restorative Yoga & Reiki – Every 3rd Friday of the month. As the nights begin to stay lighter for longer and our desire to hibernate past 6pm dwindles, we’re embracing the summer evenings and energise our bodies, minds and personal energy resources from the inside out. Join us for our already super popular Restorative Yoga with a new evening time of 7pm. Enjoy all the glorious magic of Relaxation Yoga by glowing candle light, set Read more

Burn To The Beat HIIT Endurance training to epic music encouraging empowerment and an endorphin HIIT high! We’re all about personal power! Finding our strength, embracing our inner warrior & transforming negativity into positivity. Our ultimate warrior builder session is back on the weekly timetable for our run up to summer body confidence! Burn To The Beat is our high energy, endorphin releasing, super fat burning, full body toning, sweat fest! Just 45 minutes of Read more

Experience a Personal Expansion through Kundalini yoga with Deborah ✨✨✨ “Kundalini works on all levels aiding you to become stronger in whatever you want to do. We are trying to hook up and connect to the energy (kundalini) that is present in every being. A natural and limitless source of physical health, stillness, joy, energetic strength and loving connection with others and all of creation. Expanding as individuals and feeling the Devine connection as one”.  What Read more

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