If we wake up wondering “what will I experience today?, what will I learn today?” Then every day becomes an adventure. Many of us set New Year resolutions in a bid to achieve our goals. Setting goals helps as a path to follow in a bid to reach our destination- however, if at some point you find yourself stepping off of the path you originally planned, it doesn’t set you all the way back to Read more

Do you hold a vision in your mind of what health looks like? Do you imagine how you will feel and look or how your life will be just that bit easier once you just reach your goal of your ideal weight/ muscle tone/ achieving a certain yoga posture/ being able to run an extra KM/ quitting an unhelpful habit/ eating healthier?  Do you strive to succeed in your goals but never quite reach them Read more

STRIVING FOR PERFECTION-  Working with people of all ages I keep hearing the anxiety and stress caused by the simple process of comparing! Comparing of beauty.  Comparing of “achievements”.  Comparing of material possessions. Comparing of nonsense social media likes/followers. If you’re constantly comparing yourself to another/ another’s journey you’ll never see (let alone embrace) your own personal power. You are YOU and that is YOUR SUPERPOWER. no one else can do a better job of Read more

On the 8th day of Christmas my true love gave to me… the ability to enjoy favourite festive treats & not gain fat! Here’s how- We can definitely enjoy our favourite treats, we just need to have some simple awareness: 1) Portion sizes .  A couple of chocolates won’t set you back your whole months training, so rather than spending a whole day torturing yourself staring at the box and salivating, just enjoy a couple Read more

Stay happy AND healthy this winter with these easy to make, healthy, winter warmers.   1. Quick Fix Cacao Hot Chocolate   Unprocessed cacao powder. Coconut/Almond milk.  Maca Powder. Hot water.   2.  Hearty Nut Butter Potato  Sweet Potato Banana Almond Butter Sea Salt Chia Seeds   3. Easy Sweety Baked Peaches  Peaches Cinnamon Greek Yoghurt Honey     When it’s cold and dark it’s easy to reach for stodgy, filling, “comfort” fuel. But remember if Read more

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