Final Full Moon 2018 Positive Release Session with Bex 

The 22nd December marks the final full moon for 2018! 🌙 🌑

Join us for a Yoga & Meditation class of positive release; Physically, Mentally, Emotionally & Energetically, and with a focus on connecting with our lunar energy & the element of water, allowing us to feel freer.


Falling on a Saturday this means we are not only going to be filled with the motivated energy of Saturn (Saturn Day) but, as always on full moon, we are provided the perfect time to release, let go & surrender anything no longer serving us. Ready for the new moon, & in this case, ready for the new year ahead!

This Full Moon in December 2018 astrology is about excitement, positive change & pleasant surprises. Encourage all the positive opportunities for the year ahead and take this time to let go of anything that has taken up your energy, your time, your space or your freedom.

Class suitable for all abilities. Variations offered for Asanas. Demonstrations provided throughout. Class will complete with Mantra & 15 minute guided Meditation.

To claim your space use the link provided.


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