Chakra Journeying



SUPER EXCITED to extend this opportunity to share our second series of such a special experience –  Chakra Journeying


<< A precious & progressive journey within >>

(no need to have previous experience or understanding of the chakras as the Journeying experience is very individual and guided throughout).  

7 weeks journeying inwards, connecting with our subtle body energy by working through each of our chakras.


Stimulating each energy centre through specific yoga postures, mantras, mudras, affirmations, guided focus and meditation. Releasing physical tension, letting go of mental self hindering beliefs, clearing energetic blockages and creating harmony, balance & ease through the subtle layers of our energetic system. 


Broken into 7 weeks 

Week 1) Root chakra

Postures for creating grounding, sense of stability, inner strength, building a strong foundation and connecting with the element of  earth. 

Week 2) Sacral chakra

Moving up the body to release physical, emotional and mental blockages from the sacral. Letting go of our need for control and connecting with the element of water to enable us to go with the flow and release self pressures and built up negative energies. 

Week 3) Solar Plexus

Stimulating our personal power – connecting with our individual motivation, gut instinct & the fire in our bellies. Building upon our strong foundations we work to increase our sense of self, our inner power, our heat and our sense of drive. Physically aiding digestion, fat burning, stimulating the organs of illumination and improving our gut health from the inside out. 

Week 4) Heart chakra

Gently exploring opening to our own hearts through physically releasing tension in the upper back, shoulders and chest, inviting space & expansion into the physical, mental and emotional body through connection with the element of air and the sense of freedom, abundance & introducing our inner softness to our strength. 

Week 5) Throat chakra

Connecting the space between our head and our heart to enable us to let go of fear of speaking out. Opening our channels of communication, feeling freedom to express ourselves without the need for external validation. 

Week 6) Ajna chakra

Developing our intuition, connecting to our inner voice and quietening the mathematical thinking mind. Letting go of the outside worlds views, beliefs, pressures. Immersing ourselves within our own journey into our place of peace & contentment . Exercises to improve intuitive connection, meditation to calm the central nervous system and regain focus on the inner workings of our individual realities. Helping to aid sleep, reduce anxiety, strengthen focus & develop a deeper sense of inner peace. 

Week 7) Crown chakra 

Putting it all together. Exploring each layer we’ve worked through from our solid base foundation all the way to our light free flowing connection to ourselves and to everything around us. 


This journey of inner focus allows our subtle body energy systems to work harmoniously without blockages, deepening our ability to self heal and self love through physical tension release, mental focus, visualisation and journeying through the chakras as an integrated system. 

This course is a progressive journey through the 4 weeks working consecutively on each chakra (energy centre).  Sessions can be booked as individual sessions however it is highly recommenDed to work through the 4 consecutive sessions to appreciate the full personal journeying experience. 


Individual sessions: £10

7 week journey : £60

Maximum 8 attendees for personal attention

Start date: Saturday 19th January  9am – 10.15am 


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To book individual sessions only please contact by email