I’ve been going to beginners yoga and monthly meditations. I get so much from the classes, for the first time ever I’m really getting what yoga is about and i can feel progression every time. It’s such a lovely place and I really look forward to Monday’s now! Victoria Holehouse.

I’ve never felt comfortable at a yoga class before. I came to free spirit studio and met Bex, She makes you feel so at home and welcome. A very local class for me as I only live up the road so it’s perfect. Bex is a Great teacher and is very knowledgeable. I’ve progressed quite a bit since october/November and i look forward to Monday evenings for some me time. Thoroughly recommend to all.  Anita Anderson

On my first visit to bex’s studio, I just new it was for me, she was very welcoming, the atmosphere was relaxed which helped me to achieve what I went there for so I new I could go back without second thought, when I did go back it was for the best yoga session I have experienced, soft music, candles and a feeling of actually being able to switch off from the world. If it wasn’t for Bex I wouldn’t of transformed into the person i am today, 3 stone lighter and more confidence. Anna O’Callaghan 

The studio is so welcoming & friendly, the classes are really fun & aren’t too big so Bex is always on hand to help with your technique.
The yoga classes are lovely and relaxing, especially the ones by candlelight.
Bex really knows her stuff & she is willing to share her expert knowledge, I have learnt so much from her. She is energetic, fun & dedicated & her enthusiasm for health & wellbeing is contagious! I can’t recommend the studio enough!! Amy Stevens

Wow. I absolutely loved the good morning sunshine yoga. Such a relaxed, warm and welcoming studio and Bex was absolutely inspiring. I felt comfortable and at complete ease. I will be kicking off every weekend with this class in future and looking forward to the exciting workshops that are coming up. Natalie Cohen

I’ve just passed my halfway mark with Bex and can’t believe how much my fitness has improved and how much I enjoy each session. Bex is an excellent trainer, she is a naturally lovely and positive person with just the right amount of the sergeant majors in her :-). Each session is extremely hard work, but always different and always fun. She continually pushes you to be the best you can be and I’m personally looking forward to wearing my bikini this summer with pride. Gill Smeeton

After 3 months training with Becky I am amazed at how much stronger and more confident I am. I also realised what good fortune I had to get her as a trainer, as she pushes me, but never gives me more than I can manage and has a great sense of humour. In my 60s, I have discovered it is never too late to get back that sense of fitness and energy, and I look forward to every session. Thanks Becky! Heather Mackay

Bex is such a good PT – she really listens to what I want to focus on and uses that to motivate me and plan fun, challenging sessions. Bex is super positive and this evening’s session has left me feeling a little bit like jelly but empowered and proud. I’ve never worked this hard before and I love it -I’m looking forward to the pain tomorrow! Ruby Phillips

I followed Bex from her last place of employment, as she’s been revolutionary to my training, getting results when with my pro science training plans (so many over the years) had led to one plateau after another.  Today, personal training followed by hatha yoga, fabulous combination! Love the studio, it’s emphasis on functional training, and also surprisingly loving the yoga, I think it’ll improve my recovery and flexibility no end! Highly recommended!
Thank you Bex. Nik Kwint

Met Bex about 6 months ago when, due to weight gain and general lethargy, I realised I actually needed to finally face my fear of exercise/gym environments and get moving! Enter Bex… from the outset she understood where I was coming from and, with her motivation and gentle (but firm!) approach, she has changed a negative experience into a truly positive one. I now look forward to my PT sessions (with yoga as my reward!), in a lovely bright and calm studio… and am feeling good! Thoroughly recommended! Linda Bradford 

It was my first visit to the free spirit studio yesterday on the detox yoga workshop and such a great afternoon, Bex is brilliant and so motivating, a really lovely atmosphere. Thank you so much again, such a great studio! looking forward to my next class. Becky Wheeler 

Had a very enjoyable first time experience at the sunshine yoga class . Would highly recommend attending this yoga studio . Bex is a fantastic teacher 😃 David Keeton 

I went to the dynamic hatha yoga on thurs and really enjoyed it. Lovely atmosphere and i loved the content of the class. Just what i needed! It was energising but also relaxing and releasing. I felt very uplifted afterwards and when i got home i put my washing on which i rarely do on a thurs night after a long day at work! I love bexs fun, friendly and very knowledgeable approach. Going again this thurs! And have since used a few of bexs moves in my own practice! My daughter really enjoyed the class too! Nameste and thanks for this beautiful studio! It rocks! Xxx Kathy Lunn